"In planning matings, I'm always trying to factor in
population genetics. G1 Goldmine's VGS Score not only
reveals a genetic affinity, but explains whether a sire is
working with a particular strain beyond contingency."

-Rob Keck of Crestwood Farms, Kentucky
What is the Ventura GeoScore?

The Ventura GeoScore is a key part of the G1Goldmine thoroughbred
pedigree software program.  It measures the strength of a cross between
two ancestors (for instance Danzig and Deputy Minister) by comparing how
Stakes Winners the cross should have gotten (based on a complex
and carefully calibrated mathematical formula) to how many Stakes Winners
actually got.

When the number of Stakes Winners predicted for a cross is equal to the
number of Stakes Winner it actually gets, the cross will get a score of

But if the cross
outperforms how well it ought to have done it gets a score
over 1.00, and if it underperforms how well it ought to have done it gets
a score
under 1.00.  

Higher Ventura GeoScores should be sought by Breeders, lower Ventura
GeoScores Avoided.

(Note: The Ventura GeoScore based on Stakes Winners is only available to
purchasers of the G1Goldmine Program, though a free demo with a more
limited version is downloadable from the Goldmine home page.)
Want to find out more about the Ventura GeoScore?

Then read the following article, entitled: "Understanding The Ventura
GeoScore" by Michael Ventura.
Want to Test Out The VGS Program For Free?

Then visit the following link; which allows you to download a Free
Demo Version of the G1Goldmine Program which includes a Fully
Functioning Ventura GeoScore Generating Apparatus:

G1Goldmine Demo Offer
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